Common Problems with the feet

Do you know that? 87% of the people in the world face health problems related to pain or diseases. The foot arch may cause deformities of the legs. Low foot arch may cause imbalance and shifting of the centre of gravity in the limbs and spinal column, leading to various ailments such as foot pain, pain in the heels, deformities in the large toe, frequent sprains of the ankle, pain in the legs, pain in the knee joints, arthritis in the knees, backache, as well as neck and shoulder ache. The specialized digital computer from Korea scans and analyzes your feet and designs tailor-made foot arch supports (rectification insoles) for you. (Soles tailor-made to your requirements).

Feet of modern man caused pain in the knees, heels and pelvis and these are usually caused by occupational factors. For those involved in physical labour, exertion of force on the knees tends to bend it and this increases the chances of pain. Teachers on the other hand used their legs and they stand for long periods of time, causing bad circulation of the blood. Office workers who wear high-heel shoes are prone to heels bending outwards. 

Flat arch

A low arch is a complete absence of arch between the inside of the feet to the ground.

High arch

Bottom of the feet is raised too high, starting from the toes to the heel.

Knock knee

The knees are bending inward together while the feet is widely separated.

Bow leg

It is also called genu varum, bandy-leg and tibia vara, are a specific deformity resulting in the appearance of outward bending of the legs.

Over pronation

It is the opposite of pronation and this refers to the outward push of the foot from inside.


While running or walking, the foot continues to push in when it should be pushing off. This causes a twists in the foot, shin and knee that lead to pain in those areas.

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